Monday, April 23, 2007

A Gift of Honey

At the end of last year, Chez Pim organized the second annual Menu for Hope, a global raffle to raise money for the United Nations World Food Program. Food bloggers and generous foodies around the planet offered up mouthwatering prizes, and I was the lucky winner of three gorgeous jars of honey and a gooey honeycomb from Malfroy's Gold in Australia. This honey is made from eucalyptus and has a distinctive caramel flavor. In one word: addictive.

Not only did I have the pleasure of striking up an e-friendship with the owner, Tim, as we figured out how to get that honey from New South Wales to L.A., but I found many new uses for honey. Among my favorites:

- Drizzle thin slices of tart apple with honey and sea salt.

- Drizzle honey and sea salt on vanilla ice cream.

- Slice a baguette and drizzle the slices with Pasolivo orange olive oil and honey. This is incredible in and of itself, but you can also top it with a sliver of Manchego like my sis did at our last dinner party, to give it another layer of flavor.
- I also recommend trying this Butternut Squash Bruschetta, which owes its unique flavor to honey, chili flakes and walnut oil.

Malfroy's Gold Website

Pasolivo Website


Pictures by Julie Fay. Check out more at Julie’s website


Pim said...

Ooh I am jealous. I simply adore honey. Do you know what kind of Eucalyptus it was?

And thank you for your donation to our Menu for Hope.


Kim said...

Hi Pim,

It was a pleasure to be involved, even in such a tiny way, in your great cause. I believe the eucalyptus is Yellow Box and Red Stringybark.


Blair said...

More posts!